The new MÁV Y cars have arrived, with unique, orange doors

Our newest models are Y cars from the IV. era, three of them right away. The TT scaled B and Bc passenger cars are available at Modellgyár in colouring and lettering characteristic to the ’80s.

y car b 20-80 orange doors
B 20-80 coach with orange doors

The four-axle express coaches were first amnufactured in Győr in the ’60s and ’70s, then they were purchased from factories in the GDR (Bautzen and Görlitz) and from Poland. The cars’ LoB is 24,5 m, their speed limit is 140 km/h. The 59-41 couchette car was acquired by MÁV from Bautzen (then in the GDR), 30 units were ordered, but most of them are out of service by now. The 20-80 passenger cars were also bought from Bautzen, in 1981. The paintwork resembles the late ’80s , when the cars’ doors were painted orange due to safety reasons. The coaches operated both inlands and in the member states of the Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD).

couchette car orange doors
Y type couchette car with it’s typical trilingual lettering

The models

The coaches come with two, the couchette car with only one running number. The models’ base is a Tillig model, which is provided by Modellgyár. The cars’ are identical to the factory made models, they only differ in their paintwork and lettering.