Luggage coaches – One letter, so many differences

We are glad to present two luggage wagons, from the 4th era Da “thin-striped” version and the later 5th era Dl “solid blue” version with mailing booth. The blue Da-series carriages are matching for the earlier factory Tillig / Sachsen thin stripe cars. The blue version fits Tillig / Sachsen wide-stripe cars or other (e.g. Fuggerth) blue cars.

We do not list all the details this time, these editions present the same quality as previous ones.

At first glance, they are very similar, but perhaps the similarity is less than the difference, only in the headlines: side corridor and its absence, mailing booth and its absence, eras, international-domestic trains.

As these are not only repaints of existing models, it is not expected, that they will be available as a factory issue in the future.

They can be purchased in the webshop: