3D printing and 3D modelling

With our own 3D printer we provide 3D printing service of 3D CAD models. If you only have the idea or sketch available, we will build the 3D computer model of the object. During the 3D modelling we take into account the principles of the 3D printer to use as lass support material, as possible. For larger and more complex objects (that one person can carry), 3D scanning is also possible.

We have a dual-headed FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printer working with PLA and ABS, so we are able to produce two-color objects as well. The printed objects can be painted in any color (no special paint is required). We have nearly 20 colours of filament, and we also work with wood and metal-like materials. If the 50 micron printing resolution is not enough, we can print the model with a 16 micron resin 3D printer.

When the size or complexity of the model does not allow one-piece printing, we split the object into parts. We print custom, hobby or small series of industrial 3D models also.

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