Pad printing (tampography) and water sticker printing

Pad printing on promotional gifts and other items

We have a dual head pad printing machine in Békéscsaba, so we can undertake labeling and logo printing tasks. Tampon printing allows you to create labels and graphs directly on curved, harder-accessible surfaces. With the help of  our machine, classic promotional gifts (pen, pencil, lighter, key chain, calculator, pen drive, etc.), any plastic, wood, metal, glass surface can be printed with one or more colours.

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Guiding prices

Every job is different, but the typical activities carried out at the following prices:KENT pad printer

  • Cliche production for 2 colours: from 7000 HUF / pcs
  • Setting: 1500 HUF / colour
  • Pens, lighters, key rings, plastic products: 20 HUF / pcs / colour
  • Metal, glass and ceramic items: 100 HUF / pcs / colour

Additional conditions:

  • Prices are valid for a single print (in same cases, more prints are needed to fully hide the background).
  • For products with individual packing (e.g. gift box) an unpacking and repacking fee applies.
  • During the lifetime of the cliche, in case of reorder, we don’t charge the cliche production fee again.

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Custom water stickers for products or objects

Transparent, membrane-thin stickers can be used to display text, graphics, and logos on hard-to-reach surfaces. In this case, even gradient graphics or photos can be printed.

The technology is suitable for sticking white or light text on dark surfaces.

All works are different, please share your idea with us!

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