GySEV M62-903 – GySEV Szergej from the ’90s!

Our model is the GySEV M62-903 engine from the V. era. The engines remained on duty with GySEV until 1996. Unfortunately they didn’t get to get their UIC identification marking, but they lived to get repainted one last time before being transferred to MÁV.

GySEV M62-903
GySEV M62-903 engine

The story of GySEV M62-903:

On the sides of the Szergejs (just like the other GySEV vehicles) a yellow stripe and a parallelogram was painted, otherwise they resembled MÁV’s vehicles. Our engine was operating with the M62-903 running number, before it was discarded from GySEV’s fleet on 01.02.1994. Another interesting thing about the Szergej is that earlier it’s running number was M62-903, but for some reason engine no. 903 and 901 swapped running numbers later on.

GySEV M62-903
M62-903’s side view. Note the GySEV logo and the characteristic parallelogram pattern.

Making of the model:

The base of the engine is a Gützold, or Roco branded M62 in H0 scale. The base model is structurally similar to GySEV’s Szergejs, so we were responsible for the paintwork and the tampered labeling.