MÁV Y cars – three new TT sized cars!

Three new MÁV Y cars have arrived to Modellgyár. The models are B and Bc coaches – two passenger cars and a couchette car.

y car mav
Y coach (B) in MÁV’s fleet

The 59-41 couchette car was purchased by MÁV  in 1978 from Bauzten, 30 of them were ordered, but most of them have been discarded by the new millennium. The passenger cars are 20-80s, these were ordered in 1981, also from Bautzen. The cars are 24,5 meters long, with a speed limit of 140 km/h.

y car couchette
Couchette car with trilingual lettering

About the models

The base of the models is a Tillig passenger car, which is provided by the Modellgyár. The paintwork and tampered labels are 100% authentic.