New two-axle MÁV freight cars!

Our new freight car models have arrived! We are eager to bring you our new MÁV freight cars of the Ggs type from Ep. IV. and V. These cars – besides regular freight transport – were also able to transport bulk goods, and their doors’ width was 2m. The cars were fit for international transportation.

Ep. IV. MÁV Ggs freight cars
An Ep. IV. MÁV Ggs freight car

These MÁV freight cars are from the IV. and V. era, and are available with two running number variations from both eras. Ep. IV. models are brown with a black under-carriage, while the Ep. V. models’ undercarriage is brown, too. The models are made in the H0 scale, 20 pieces were made of each one.

MÁV freight cars Ggs ep V
MÁV Ggs from the V. era

Making the models:

The models are made on a Sachsenmodelle base model, after applying the genuine paintwork, the pin-sharp, contemporary lettering was placed on the models. We would also like to point out that the lettering was applied to parts of the under-carriage that were thinner than 2mm.