MÁV luggage vans in TT scale!

The models are MÁV’s luggage vans. The luggage vans are used for transporting the passengers’ large luggages. These vehicles should be used mainly with the previously published MÁV passenger cars. Both models are first available in TT scale here.

luggage van
The luggage van’s window with photo etched bars

Earlier MÁV’s passengers were able to store their bigger luggages on a separate car on their train. This was necessary because many people had to use trains even for their bigger trips, and the luggages would have occupied too much space in the coaches. This state is shown on the no. 424008 model. Later on cars and bicycles got popular, and the need for a luggage van disappeared, but more and more people wanted to travel with their bicycles. Because of that, many luggage vans were modified into bicycle coaches, and car no. 425001 is one of them.

luggage van bicycle car
The bicycle car with it’s unique paintwork

About the models:

The cars’ interior were modified according to the original vehicles, the punctuality is ensured by the precisely photo etched parts.